Beam Africa Monthly Update: May Edition.

Bringing you monthly updates on Beam Africa activities in promoting the need for privacy, and the adoption of Beam as a driver for change across Africa.

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You’re welcome to the first edition of the monthly newsletter for Beam Africa. We are excited to give the community a brief, retrospective review of our activities and milestones for the past month.

The past month was an amazing one for the African community and beyond. Everyone is pretty stoked about the second and upcoming Beam Hardfork, that is predicted to happen sometime around June 28 2020 (which is, at Block Height 777777, to be technically specific).

The Hardfork will bring some significant improvements and advantages to the network.

Here’s a summary of some important community events from the last month.


Mobile Wallet Quiz Competition.

The community had its first Beam mobile quiz competition on Telegram on the 2nd of May 2020. The quiz competition was moderated by Beam Lagos ambassador, Scarlet, and saw in attendance the Beam Africa Lead (Agbona Igwemoh), the Global Community Lead (Angus Sullivan), as well as other ambassadors across Africa.

Quiz questions were drawn mostly from the mobile wallet; features and use cases, and some basic knowledge of the community.

Beam HF covered by Pizza, LightBlocks.

We had our upcoming Beam Hardfork covered on African-based crypto websites Pizza and Lightblocks this month.

The blogs contained information about the Hardfork and what it would bring. you can read them with the following links: Lightblocks | Pizza

TecHub Spaces and Nexpad Gaming Accepts payment in Beam.

We are excited to confirm that major shared workspace station Techub Spaces and Nexpad Gaming lounge in Lagos Nigeria have started accepting Beam as payment for products and services.

You can now pay for your shared workspace plans, conferences and Game-play time with your beam wallets. We believe that this is an impressive breakthrough for mass adoption of privacy cryptocurrencies and ultimately Blockchain integrated services.

Beam Africa Community Live on Uptrennd.

We are excited to announce that we successfully created our African community account on Uptrennd (Beam-Africa MW).

The account intends to Promote and share Beam and privacy-related announcements, blogs, videos, etc, as well as to curate and support the ever-growing Beam community on Uptrennd.

Featured Article: Why choose Crypto over Mobile Money.

If you’ve ever contemplated picking between the conventional Mobile Money vendors and peer-to-peer crypto wallets for personal or businesses transactions, then worry no more.

In his article “Why You Should Choose Cryptocurrency Over Mobile Money”, Kenyan Beam African ambassador, Obinna, provides some compelling reasons why cryptocurrencies are a smart choice.

Beam Uptrennd Writing Competition.

The community also launched and ended the first edition of a week-long
Writing Competition for the Beam community on Uptrennd.

Participants were to write a review blog post on Beam, especially stating why privacy is important to them. The competition had a prize pool of $50 worth of Beam. See the announcement post on Uptrennd and Medium. Twitter.

Featured Thread: Beam: The Next Generation Cryptocurrency

If you use twitter a lot of times, you’re welcome to check out a thread on Beam by our South-African ambassador, Panashe Tapera. We’re sure there’s a lot to learn on there about privacy and anonymity with Beam.

Featured Article: On Hodling: Best 7 ways to Earn Beam.

Over the past few months, we’ve had quite a lot of questions concerning how community users can acquire Beam.

All of those questions, and more, were answered in a timely and well-articulated piece written by Lagos Beam ambassador, Scarlet, on the “Best Seven (7) ways to earn Beam”. A good read.

Beam Africa AMA With Senator Ihenyen from Infusion Lawyers.

Beam Africa successfully held a value-packed AMA session on Telegram with our honourable guest Senator Ihenyen, Lead partner at Infusion lawyers, on the 30th of May 2020.

This AMA event was done to inform the community and to help mitigate the negative effects of the cases of criminalization, extortion and Human Rights violation of the tech community by corrupt Police of SARS official across cities in Africa.

SiBAN Partners with Beam Africa, and now Accepts SiBAN Membership payment in Beam

We are proud to announce that SIBANnow accepts Beam as a form of payment. So, you can now confidentially pay for your SiBAN annual membership with $Beam. The News broke in the wake of the AMA session the Beam Africa community had with SiBAN’s General Secretary, Senator Ihenyen.

Beam Usage Across African Cities Visible on the Map!

Cryptwerk released a heat map for world usage and adoption of Beam. And it felt good to affirm that we’re slowly gathering momentum in countries across Africa, enough to popup on the map. Regions highlighted included South Africa, Nigeria, Liberia, Somalia, Seychelles, Western Sahara, etc.

Beam Africa launches $Eco on Beam Confidential Asset Testnet

Beam’s Confidential Asset is live on Testnet. Create, Issue, and Send your Confidential Asset on Beam Lelantus-MW. Our Lagos Lead ambassador, Niran created the $Eco token which is a digital alternative to the proposed new currency to be adopted by some countries in the West African region as a replacement of the CFA Franc.

1100+ Telegram Community Members. Thank you!

We are excited to announce that we have crossed the 1000 membership milestone on Telegram this month!

We appreciate everyone’s support and contributions and we anticipate even greater milestones in the future! Next stop 2000 soon!

Video Tutorial: How to Use Beam’s Faucet

So, you just downloaded the $Beam mobile wallet, but can’t enjoy the experience of transacting Beam simply because of an empty wallet? Our Lagos ambassador Scarlet made a walkthrough video to guide you on how to receive some free Beam from the community faucet.

Beam AMA session in Binance South-Africa Telegram community, with Amir Aarnson.

We’ve also decided to include the earliest activity this month in May’s Newsletter because we realize how important it was for us. It was amazing to have Amir Aarnson at the AMA session we co-organized for Beam in the Binance South-Africa Telegram community.

Amir educated the audience on the concept behind Beam’s privacy solution, as well as highlighted some of the cool updates coming for the project later this month. Don’t worry if you missed the event. You can read the entire transcript here: Transcript: Beam AMA session with Amir Aarnson in Binance South-Africa Telegram

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