Beam Africa Monthly Update: July Edition

Covering Beam Africa community events between July 2nd - August 4th, 2020.

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Monthly Update

We are happy to give the community a run-down of activities that ensued in July within the Beam African sub-community. Like previous months, July was no different as the Beam Africa team had an array of activities successfully executed during the ensuing weeks. AMAs, videos tutorials, articles, tweet threads, we’ll go through all of them in this issue.

Also, we’ll highlight some milestones achieved by the broader Beam global project. Most recently was the video introducing Lelantus-mw by Grant Hawkins who takes us on a tour through the mechanics that increases the privacy to the Beam blockchain.

TL;DR: A quick recap of the major events in the month of July:

Video: AMA Session “Design A Key Proponent to Mainstream Adoption of Cryptocurrency in Africa

The much-anticipated Video AMA featuring Beam’s Head of Product, Sasha Abramovich, CEO, Bundle Africa, Yele Bademosi and hosted by Beam’s Africa Lead, Agbona Igwemoh finally drops. The discussion was about the role design plays in the mainstream adoption of cryptocurrencies in Africa. In recent years, the number of crypto transactions in Africa has been enormous, making it impossible for the world to ignore. This saw the development of indigenous crypto solutions and the entry of global projects into Africa. This has made Africa a hot crypto destination in the world.

The conversation between these leaders focused on the role of user-friendly design in enabling crypto adoption. Crypto exchanges play a key role in enabling users to acquire digital currencies and that’s where Yele Bademosi’s Bundle comes in. And these digital currencies have to be functional as a product in their ecosystem, and this is where Sasha Abramovich plays a key role in making something as complex as privacy, usable by the average user; hence the success of Beam.

Beam Africa Hosts the #BeamTikTokChallenge with a 300 Beam Prize Pool

In recent weeks, several crypto projects have utilized TikTok, the video-sharing social networking service as an outlet in a bid to promote their projects. So, the Beam Africa team thought it will be a cool idea to jump on this trend simply for marketing purpose. The idea was to have some fun while promoting Beam, which remains the best-in-class privacy cryptocurrency in the space.

We called out to the Beam community to join the #BeamTikTokChallenge, and the result we got was remarkable! Within the space of one week, we got almost 20k views (19.9k to be precise) on the #BeamTikTokChallenge hashtag of the platform, with several videos from community members. This surpassed our expectations for the campaign, as we regard it as a wild success.

Video: How to Generate Payment Proof Directly from the Beam Wallet

Beam is not only centred on privacy but also, compliance with organizational policy. Which other privacy coins out there possesses such use case? Go on, we’ll wait…

This intelligent video shows the step-by-step guide on how to generate a payment proof directly from your Beam mobile wallet.

Weekly Beam Buddies Hangout on The Beam Africa Telegram community

Every Friday, the Beam Africa community come together to have a little fun activity on Telegram. Each week comes with a twist, which usually accompanied with bants, jokes and wraps up with the crypto educational conversation as well as promoting the need for privacy, and ultimately Beam. Over the weeks, we observe that community members look forward to this event, we cannot afford to fail the community.

Tweet Thread: Beam’s Auditability Feature

A video on how to generate payment proof, which comes in handy for businesses, Scarlet or Spending (as she is popularly known in the community) made a tweet thread that tries to explain opt-in auditability.

To comply with relevant regulations, a wallet can be configured to attach digitally signed documentation (eg invoices or contracts) to all transactions in a cryptographically unforgettable way. In turn, specific auditors can be granted permission to inspect the complete list of transactions along with all the attached documents. Opt-auditability will be crucial in Beam’s quest for a confidential DeFi ecosystem.

Featured Blog: Beam as a Confidential DeFi Cryptocurrency

It’s Spending again! (Scarlet, remember her?) this time takes us on an interesting journey as to why Beam will be successful in its quest towards a Decentralized Finance ecosystem. She highlights the keys features of the project, as well as the benefits.

There were also points about the changes in Beam since the Hard Fork that happened on June 29th, which activated several features such as the Confidential Asset. An amazing read!

AMA Recap: “The Role of Privacy in Tech” with Dylan Dewdney, Co-Founder of

An amazing interaction session with one of crypto’s thought leaders and Co-Founder of In the AMA, we covered the important role privacy plays, in the crypto space, and ultimately in tech. Being a leader in the crypto space, Crypto OG, as one of the names on his Telegram account says. Dylan speaks authoritatively of on his opinions on privacy in the crypto space, and it’s importance.

“What is Beam?”: Tweet Thread by Groot

Groot created a tweet thread with some excellent illustrations where he breaks down what Beam is about in granules, perfect beginners guide for a crypto/Beam noob. It can be simply described as “Beam for Dummies” as it is so easy to understand, hence the ideal guide to a newbie who just stumbled across Beam.

BlockxAfrica Features Agbona Igwemoh, Africa Lead, Beam

Beam’s Africa Lead, Agbona Igwemoh was featured in an AMA series with Ghana-based BlockxAfrica community, hosted by Elisha, popularly known as GHCryptoGuy. The conversation was centred around Beam, and it’s amazing features and the achievements of the Beam Africa initiative so far in its 8 months of operation in the region.

The “Ask Me Anything” session also saw the recruitment of a few prospects within the Ghana crypto region were Beam Africa is poised to establish a community.

In Focus: Beam Africa, The Mission, The Team and the Buzzing Community by

Beam Africa’s team, mission and milestone were featured in Africa’s leading cryptocurrency publication, Bitcoin News Africa. This was part of a strategy of making an entrance into the Ghana crypto space, which was wrapped off with the AMA session in the BlockxAfrica community featuring our community lead. 

The article takes a deeper look into the activities of the Beam Africa team, some of their major accomplishments, some of their strategies, and the faces behind the names, and their targets. The article also promoted the search for new ambassadors within the region. 

Beam Africa, La Misión, El Equipo y su Comunidad: Spanish translation

The article on BlockNewsAfrica about Beam Africa community activities was translated to Spanish by our friends at word for word. Pretty amazing right? 

Video: Beam Vs LBRY

Our newest ambassador representing Beam in Ghana, Nii Sackey created an amazing video within hours of becoming an ambassador for the project. Sackey is an active member of the LBRY community, LBRY which is a blockchain-based digital content protocol containing a digital library of various multimedia content. 

In this video, Sackey did a comparison between $Beam and $LBRY. An interesting watch which will bring some form of promotion for Beam on the LBRY platform. 

Elsewhere in The Beam-Universe

Beam 2020 Week 31: Check out this week’s edition of the Beam official newsletter that goes out regularly every Monday. It contains releases, updates, R&D, press and everything happening in the Beam community world-wide

Beam India Upcoming AMA: Our friends in India are having one of their first AMA sessions which is pretty star-studded, almost making us feel jealous. The AMA session will feature members of Beam’s core team, like Alex Romanov, Beam’s Tech Lead, Amir Aaronson, COO, of Beam Foundation and Angus Sullivan, The Head of Beam Communities. This AMA will be hosted by Beam India’s Lead, Suhas, Hegde, a good friend of ours.

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